Ages 5 & 6 


  Inspired by the wonders of nature and joys of discovery, our daily schedule allows plenty of time for outdoor play and exploration.  

Covid-19 Protocol and Information for 2020 Family Farm Events 

  • All activities will be held outside this season.  We will reschedule event if thunderstorms are probable. 
  • Dress for outdoor weather success.  Wear farm appropriate clothing and closed toed footwear. Hats are helpful. Water shoes can be brought for creek play.  Participants must bring their own water/water bottles.   
  • Hand-washing is required upon arrival at the farm and encouraged throughout your time on the farm.  Hand-washing stations are provided at various locations on the farm as well as hand sanitizer.  
  • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained except in the case of family members. 
  • Bring masks and please wear them if proper social distancing cannot be maintained.  
  • If you have been sick or have been in contact with someone that is/was recently sick, please contact us to reschedule. 
  • Bathhouse is open and is being disinfected between groups.  

My boys ages 5 & 6 attended the Roots & Boots Program for 7 weeks during summer 2019.  Every single day they came home with fabulous tales of fun, excitement, adventure, community and joy.  Farmer Cindi and all the staff are especially talented at seeing the gifts in each camper and finding ways to accommodate their individual needs.  As a mom, I feel so blessed to have found a place where my kids can just be kids!  HCFC provides plenty of unstructured free time (with zero screens) where they can observe and enjoy the world in their own unique way.  We're counting the days until Summer Camp 2020 begins! 





          Extended Camp Hours

            7:30 - 8:30 am     

           3:30 - 6:00 pm 



       Ages  5 -13

       Min. of 7 weeks of camp 


   Farm Days during School Holidays 

Ages 7-9


Outdoor play, meaningful work and creative activities will give a sampling of life on the farm as campers explore and learn about the world around them.    

Ages 3-5 1/2


  Through farm and nature based activities, campers will explore the beauty of the plant and animal kingdoms.

little seeds 





Roots &   Boots     

Parent's Guide to Outdoor Play

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                                      "Encouraging a yearning for learning while working hand-in-hand on the land!"

Heritage Creek is a small-scale vegetable farm that offers a variety of educational programs that help participants develop valuable life skills through cooperative work and creative play.  Rooted in the simplicity of nature, HCFC is focused on teaching skills that nurture the seeds of social change and provide opportunities to discover the common threads of humanity.  Reverence for life, care-taking of the environment, learning about sustainable agriculture and creating a strong sense of community are fundamental elements. 

Our summer camp program is geared for children aged 3-17 years.  This program offers activities that are guided by a caring staff that fosters cultural and social understanding ~ cultivating collaborative ways to achieve common goals.  Activities that are hands-on, teach a variety of socially responsible and environmentally friendly lessons, illustrating how individual actions can make a difference in our world.  Enthusiastic teenagers over 13 are encouraged to be involved in the life of the farm through participation in our Teen Leadership Program.  


"Lettuce learn outside!"

sowers &


farm & forest friends

Ages 10-13


Through a variety of outdoor activities, campers learn valuable life skills and the importance of teamwork. 

------------------------------​What people are saying about HERITAGE CREEK FARM CAMP-------------------------------------

Farm Camp creates memories and adventures to last a lifetime! - Farm & Forest Parent 

On the first day of Little Seeds camp my daughter was nervous about camp. By the end of the day she said, "Can I go to farm camp forever?"



Heritage Creek Farm Camp 

Mailing Address: 

1949 Milton Grove Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552 

GPS Address: 1875 Milton Grove Rd, Mt. Joy 

Through participation in the Teen Leadership Program, my daughter has gained a stronger 

sense of who she is at her core.

We encourage payment of remaining balances via check.  This reduces yearly paypal fees, more fully supports our farm and farm-based programs, and allows us to keep summer camp tuition as low as possible.  

Click here to watch a video about our program!  


​Weekly Farm-Fresh Veggie Boxes and On-site Market Stand 


The Farm Camp staff thoughtfully and respectfully work together with teen leaders and campers to navigate interpersonal relationships.  My son has learned life skills he can use in any community - school, family, work.  The depth of knowledge and diversity among the farm camp staff inspires a program that challenges my child and encourages his creativity beyond his time on the farm.  

Over the past few summers, my kids have developed great friendships and learned skills I cannot imagine they would have had the opportunity anywhere else.  The staff clearly cares very much for my kids.  I am so happy to have found this hidden treasure in Mount Joy!  

This is my son's second summer at HCFC.  He looks forward to going every morning and comes home happy and inspired.  I appreciate that he gets to be outside in nature everyday to just play and be a kid.  He learns how to grow and harvest food, care for animals and participate in the STEAM enrichment activities incorporated in each weekly theme.  We feel so thankful to be part of the HCFC community.

Due to Covid-19 all summer camps for 2020 have been cancelled.  We have openings in our CSA starting in July (see FROM THE FARM) tab for details and email us to become a farm share.  We are also offering FARM FARMS (see SPECIAL EVENTS) for more information.  We hope to see you on the farm sometime soon! See the bottom of this page for Covid-19 related protocol.  

Ages 13-17

Through hands-on activities, teens work on the farm, learn life skills, share their talents, develop leadership skills, and make new friends.   


HCFC provides a fantastic outdoor experience.  My daughter looks forward to camp each day and comes home dirty, tired and happy.  Farm Camp has been a wonderful learning and growing experience for my child. 

My son loves Farm Camp and throughout the summer he has offered words of wisdom that he clearly learned at camp.  HCFC is well worth the more than half hour drive to get there!

This shouldn't be called Farm Camp, it should be called fun camp! - Camper 

We cannot say enough about the wonderful teachers in the Little Seeds Program and the quality of the programs at HCFC. We can't wait until next summer!