​Taproot Scholarship Program 
This scholarship program is designed to WEAVE THE TAPESTRY OF OUR FARM COMMUNITY.  It is rooted in the premise that we are all resourceful and full of resources. TAP allows families to explore and use their untapped resources to make a difference in our farm camp program. It is our intention that through collaboration we can create a sustainable community.
Goals of TAP:   
- To make farm camp financially accessible to as many campers as possible
- To provide an opportunity for families to share, learn, and grow through their active participation in the life of our farm and camp

Many hands make light work! Having a few extra helping hands and willing hearts around the farm is helpful to our staff, enriches our farm camp program, and benefits our campers.

How does this program work?
All families are asked to contribute financially to their child(ren)’s farm camp experience at the highest level possible.  In the case that our tiered pricing scale is financially prohibitive for their child(ren) to attend, the family is asked to consider the amount they can financially pay and the way(s) in which their family can contribute to the maintenance, operation, or growth of the camp. Through a reciprocal relationship parents/families can share their time and talents in exchange for a reduction in farm camp session fees. Through conversation, a mutual agreement of financial contribution and volunteer hours is determined. The areas in which families can help are many….facility repairs and maintenance, camp work days, gardening, flower bed weeding, canning/preservation days, farm work, and kitchen help are just a few.   

Taproot Scholarships are limited.  Although we will strive to make every effort possible to met requests, our funds are limited, and we may not be able to accommodate every request, particularly if request is for multiple sessions, and/or multiple campers.  Participants are determined based upon the needs of our camp program and at the discretion of our Administrators. HCFC does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, disability, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, or age in the administration of this program or any other program. 

Our Taproot Scholarship Program was adapted from the following concepts:
Soul of Money by Lynne Twist  
Assessable Tuition for All – Institute for Social Renewal

The Appreciative Organization - Taos Institute Publication 

Please feel free to contact us with questions. 
Phone:  717.653.4232

Email:  info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com   

Click here an application for our Taproot Scholarship Program (TAP)