Family Farms 

Join us this summer for Family Farm! Throughout the summer we will be offering opportunities for small groups of families to be involved in the life of the farm.  During Family Farm, participants will interact with our farm animals, tour the greenhouse and production garden, help with animal and food production related tasks and enjoy our outdoor play stations including the creek.  Suggested cost is $35/family.  Payment is due at time of participation. Dress for outdoor weather success.  Parents will be responsible to help children maintain social distancing.  

  • Arrive promptly for activity, but not earlier than 15 minutes before the event starts. 
  • We have events staggered but be mindful to leave no later than 15 minutes after advertised ending time.   
  • All activities will be held outside this season.  We will reschedule event if thunderstorms are probable.  
  • Dress for outdoor weather success.  Wear farm appropriate clothing and closed toed footwear. Hats are helpful. Water shoes can be brought for creek play.  Participants must bring their own water/water bottles.   
  • Hand-washing is required upon arrival at the farm and encouraged throughout your time on the farm.  Hand-washing stations are provided at various locations on the farm as well as hand sanitizer.  
  • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained except in the case of family members.  
  • Bring masks and please wear them if proper social distancing cannot be maintained.  
  • If you have been sick or have been in contact with someone that is/was recently sick, please contact us to reschedule. 
  • Bathhouse is open and is being disinfected between groups.

June Dates: 

Saturday, June 20 9:30 - 11:30 am 

Wednesday, June 24 9:30 - 11:30 am (Ages 5+)

Wednesday, June 24 9:30 - 11:30 am (Ages 5+)

Saturday, June 27 9:30 - 11:30 am (Ages 3+)

For June Dates, please inquiry via email about availability info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com 

2018-2019 Mid Year Review - EYE TO THE SKY: Farm-to-School Education at Columbia Borough School District 

Nutritional Farm-Based Initiative with CHI St. Joseph Children's Health 

For the past 4 school years, Heritage Creek Farm Camp has been working with the Education Department at CHI St. Joseph's Children's Health, Healthy Columbia, and Food Service Personnel at Columbia Borough School District to provide a Nutritional-based Agricultural Initiative at the Middle School - Taylor Campus.  Farm-based activities are offered at the school, and students come to the farm for offsite education experiences.  In the fall of 2018 we piloted a program called Mobile Market.  The Mobile Market was set up 4 times at school during the fall and distributed 1300+ lbs. of farm-fresh foods to the students in CBSD.  To learn more about the program click here.

See link for July Dates and availability!