Group Field Trips
Educational Field Trips for school groups, home-school co-ops and organizations are offered throughout the school year.  Full day or half day programs are available.  We provide field trip to all age groups and the curriculum is individually designed to support curricular goals.  Field trips will give participants a sampling of life on the farm, and provide hands-on opportunities to learn about the plant and animal kingdoms.  

Field trip activities will follow the flow of the seasons on the farm and will include meeting the farm animals, and a variety of activities that teach about food origin.  Whether in the farm field, greenhouse or outdoor classrooms, our farm-based activities are educational in nature, and engage participants in the various aspects of animal care, small-scale vegetable farming, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally friendly practices. 

An outdoor classroom provides a bountiful array of topics that can be explored with older elementary and middle school students.  Science particularly botany comes to life while working with our farmers in the food production area.  Physics can be taught through a potato cannon demonstration. Students can see how simple machines used on the farm help our farmers, and mathematics is used in almost every aspect of farming and the operation of our market stand.  

High School students can delve more deeply into all aspects of agriculture during a field trip as they work with and learn from our farmers and farm educators.  

Other Educational Programs: 

Egg-cellent facts about Chickens:  We travel with our baby chicks in the spring to share facts about these interesting birds and to teach about the environmental benefits of raising backyard chickens.  

Farm-to-School Programs 

Our farm works with local schools to bring the "farm" to the school through engaging and interactive programs designed to enhance classroom lessons.  Contact our office to get more information and discuss your academic goals.  

Mobile Market Farm-to-School Program 

From September through October our farm offers a Mobile Market Farm-to-School Program where students come to the farm for a field trip to help harvest and process vegetables.  The produce is then transported to the school where students setup and help operate a market stand.  

Email us for additional information about field trips and farm-to-school programs.