​​​​​​​Each farm camp session is different and our weekly themes are interwoven with activities that are a regular part of the HCFC schedule:  artistic endeavors, environmental lessons, community-building activities, gardening, animal care-taking, water play, nature exploration, and good old fashion fun! 

June 8-12 Meet my Friend Herb 

June 15-19 Bird's Eye View 

June 22-26 Night Owls & Orienteering

June 29-July 2 Play on Water 

July 6-10 Pollination Station 

July 13-17 Critter Connection 

July 20-24 Art & Archery **Additional fee for field trip $12

July 27-31 Story of the Forest 

August 3-7 Medievel Mayhem **Additional fee for field trip $12

August 10-14 Ag Olympics 

August 17-21 Seasonal Farm Camp Days ​​

Session Descriptions for Sowers & Growers: 

June 8-12 Meet my Friend Herb 

This week learning about the differences between herbivores, omnivores and carnivores will be our focus. 4-H Lancaster County will be offering the first in a three-part learning series about Herbs.  Campers will learn about companion gardening, and use wood-burning techniques to make decorative wooden spoons.    

June 15-19 Bird's Eye View 

During this session, campers will take a bird's eye view as they learn about nesting birds from Naturalist Kelsey Frey. They will also meet and greet our chickens and ducks in the barnyard, play bird bingo, and learn about raptors at a special presentation by Refreshing Mountain.  

June 22-26 Night Owls and Orienteering 

As part of a 4-H activity this week, campers will learn how to use a compass and map to navigate their way around the farm.  A group game called Owl and Mouse will illustrate how owls use their auditory skills to hunt at night.    

June 29-July 2 Play on Water 

In this 4-day art and animal themed session, campers will experiment with watercolor painting, play water games, and make a creative tie dye project.  Campers will also learn about reptiles during a special presentation by Refreshing Mountain.  

July 6-10 Pollination Station 

During this STEM session, campers will learn about the importance of pollination in food production and how to create habitats for honeybees in our community.  Teams will assemble model bees using bristle bot kits during the 4-H activity this week and construct foraging routes for their bees.    

July 13-16 Critter Connection 

There will be plenty of "farmtastic" adventures this week as campers learn to care for the animals that live at HCFC.  Artistically, campers will create an animal project and Mini Horses will be visiting the farm as part of the 4-H activity.  

July 20-24 Nature's Artist and Archery 

During this session, campers will experiment with pigment, paints and projects made from items found in nature.  On Thursday, we will be taking a field trip to Lancaster Archery for a 1 hr. introductory course on archery!  4-H activity will teach about the beautiful, but invasive spotted lantern fly.   **Additional fee for field trip $12

July 27 – 31 Story of the Forest

During this environmental themed week, will learn about the seven layers of the forest.  Naturalist Kelsey Frey will be leading a tree ID and leaf rubbing activity.  Artistically, campers will make mud faces on the trees in our forest and create trees from re-purposed wool sweaters.  4-H activity will be part 2 in the herb learning series.  

August 3-7 Medieval Mayhem 

This session our themed related activities will take us back in time to the days of knights and castles.  On Thursday we will see the Middle Ages come to life as campers take a field trip to the PA Renaissance Faire for Youth Day.  Knights, Farmers and Giants will be our large group game.  **Additional fee for field trip $12

August 10-14 AG Olympics  

This week 4-H will be offering the third activity on herbs.  Any camper that participated in all 3 sessions will receive a certificate of completion from 4-H Lancaster County.  The Ag Olympics will be our culminating activity this week as campers will compete in a variety of agriculturally related games and activities. 

Special Guest Presenters and Subject Teachers: 

Patti Van Brederode  - Patti will be providing 4-H Activities throughout the summer.  Patti is an Artist, Arts Educator and also the 4-H Program Assistant for Lancaster County.  Patti is excited to combine her passion for arts with her enthusiasm for STEM and agriculture while teaching farm-based activities this summer.  ​https://extension.psu.edu/programs/4-h/counties/lancaster  

The 4-H Herb Gardening project (3 part series offered on June 9, July 28 & August 11) is based in the science of horticulture. Youth will learn how to set goals, grow 4-7 kinds of herbs and identify at least 5 more, propagate new plants from seeds or cuttings, harvest and preserve herbs, and use herbs for cooking, crafting or landscaping indoors or out. Campers that participate in all three activities will receive a certificate of completion from 4-H.  

Kelsey Frey - Environmental activities 

Remi Crist - Fine Arts & Nature-Based Arts 

Annelisa Aubry Walton - Fiber Arts, Storytelling and Puppet Troupe 

Ed Hughes  - Woodworking 

​​2020 Date & Themes for Sowers & Growers

Through the balance of outdoor activities and work on the farm, we will engage the head, heart and hands of our Sowers & Growers campers ages 10-13.  Cultivating willpower and instilling the wisdom to work together are at the heart of the program for this group.  Hands-on activities will teach a variety of life skills and traditional arts.  Our socially responsible and environmentally friendly lessons, based on our weekly themes, illustrate how individual actions can make a difference in our world. Campers will work hand-in-hand on the land and learn to encourage one another through the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. 

Our summer camp offers programs for four age groups:  ages 3-5 1/2, ages 5 & 6, ages 7-9 and ages 10-13. Our daily schedules are designed to support the developmental needs of the growing child from early childhood through early adolescence. We believe our multi-age camps provide the habitat for children to grow, develop a more enriching sense of community, instill the virtue of compassion,  and serve the needs of all of our campers regardless of age and skill level.  

Our summer programs Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2), Farm & Forest Friends (Ages 7-9) and Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) operate independently within our camp facility.  The age groups have different rotating activities to focus on age-appropriate skills and educational learning opportunities. Campers ages 7-13 can intermingle during meals and morning free play time and will be together for special presentations and activities. 

Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) Program Costs 
Heritage Creek Farm Camp is passionate about offering a camp experience to as many students as possible.  Our Sliding Price Scale and Taproot Scholarship Program are how we make this achievable  We ask that families pay at the highest level that is comfortable for your budget.  

SHARE THE HARVEST ($255 per weekly session) ~ sustains our program and helps our camp grow
NOURISH THE CROP ($240 per weekly session) ~ gives us the nutrients to blossom
SOW THE SEED ($220 per weekly session) ~ helps plant the seeds of community
Includes one snack per day 

A $85.00 deposit/camper/session is required at time of registration.  Remaining Balance (based upon your sliding price scale selection) is due in full by May 1, 2020.  If you are registering for multiple sessions and this causes a financial challenge, please contact our office at info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com to discuss other possible payment arrangements.  See Policy and Procedures for more details. 

If your family is unable to pay at the SOW THE SEED rate, please see details for our TAPROOT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which allows families to volunteer time on the farm in exchange for a reduction in session fees. Funding in this program is limited.  Although we will make every effort to make an experience at Farm Camp possible for all children, we may not be able to accommodate all requests, particularly if registering for multiple sessions, or for multiple campers.  

The shortened week of June 29-July 2 (four day session) will be pro-rated to $175.00.  This session must be paid at time of registration.  There is no camp on July 3rd.  

Sowers and Growers Schedule (Ages 10-13)
8:30-9:00 am                    Flexible drop off 
9:15-9:30 am                    Morning Meeting, team building game
9:30 - 10:30 am                First Activity
10:30 - 11:30 am              Snack and free play
11:30 am - 12:30 pm         Second activity
12:30 pm - 1:15 pm          Lunch 
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm            Free Play 

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm            Third Activity - Group Game on Fridays  

3:00 pm                           Afternoon Snack provided by the Farm 

3:30 pm                           Dismissal by the Market Stand in the upper field 

Our summer camp program will offer 10 themed weeks for campers ages 10-13.  Sessions for campers ages 10-13 operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Summer Camp before and after care (7:30 – 8:30 am and 3:30 – 6 pm) is available at an additional cost.  Please see our Barnyard Bunch Program   for more details regarding before and after care.  A seasonal farm camp will be offered during the week of August 17-21.  

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) for 7 weeks or more during the 2020 season, please see our HCFC Country Kids Program  for program details and discounted rates.  

3.9.2020 Country Kids Program is no longer available for this age group.  Limited space is available in our individual weeks.  Please see online registration form for availability.  

Sowers & Growers Program 

The 2020 Sowers and Growers Program has expanded to include several components to improve, and further diversify your child’s camp experience. Many of the sessions incorporate more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities that will complement our agricultural curriculum.  4H Lancaster County will be providing learning opportunities throughout the summer.  We will be taking a few theme-based field trips.  Additionally, the afternoon “free-play” period will now have an optional activity offered each day that will add more structure for those campers who choose to participate. Our farming curriculum will be more comprehensive as we incorporate a wider variety of hands-on learning opportunities in the field and greenhouse.  

Although 13 year olds can apply for our Teen Leadership Program,  some young teens are not ready to take on this responsibility, particularly at the beginning of the summer.  Please have a conversation with your 13 year old before deciding which program would best serve them.  Some 13 year old will benefit from spending more time as a camper in our Sowers & Growers program before applying for acceptance into our Teen Leadership Program.     



Summer Camp Program for ages 10-13