2018 Schedule - Participant Select Availability 

March 30 - Good Friday Seasonal Farm Camp Day

April 2 - Easter Monday Seasonal Farm Camp Day 

April 20 - Returning Teen Overnight Sleepover 

April 21 - Work Day & Orientation 

May 19 - Work Day 

June 7 (1 day session)

June 8 (1 day session)

June 11-15 

June 18-22

June 25-29

July 2 & 3 (2 day session)

July 5 & 6 (2 day session)

July 9-13 

July 13/14 Summer Sleepover 

July 16-20

July 23-27

July 30 - August 3

August 6-10

August 13-17

August 20 

August 21 

September 28/29 Appreciation Sleepover

October 5 Seasonal Farm Camp Day 

October 8 Seasonal Farm Camp Day 

October 20 Harvest Party 

November 26 Seasonal Farm Camp Day 

Teen Leadership Program 

TEEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (Middle School & High School Students Ages 13 and up) 

Teamwork: Work together as part of the camp leadership team
Experience:  Establish job and character references
Leadership:  Grow through leadership opportunities
Learn:  Learn valuable life skills
Service: Serve the community ​

Our Teen Leadership Program is geared for teenagers ages 13 and older and is designed to “grow” leadership skills through hands-on learning experiences. Developing a sense of compassion for others and a responsibility for caretaking the earth and the animal kingdom is an integral part of this and every program at HCFC. 

Teenagers work with campers in ways that engage, encourage and provide the habitat for learning and personal growth. From leading group activities to playing imaginatively with our campers, our Teen Leadership Team are guided by the mentorship of our camp counselors/teachers. Through taking personal responsibility, individual strengths emerge as well as the opportunity to develop and model the characteristics of a good leader.  As teenagers work with children they develop life skills that will be useful down the road of parenthood or in various areas of employment. 

In the current age of technology, teenagers found in nature could be considered an endangered species.  Through nature-based activities on the farm, teenagers have the opportunity to explore, experience, expand their horizons and share their talents. This type of interactive educational initiative combines “explorential learning” with a community service aspect and supports educational curriculum.   

In a nutshell, we strive to spark the enthusiasm to know, build the willpower to do, teach the wisdom to work together, cultivate the inner strength to take action and create the freedom to be.  We consider encouraging a life-long love of learning and instilling a peaceful, compassionate (non-violent) way of being as core parts of a young person’s education.  “Encouraging a yearning for learning while working hand-in-hand on the land” is at the heart of every program on our farm. 

Specifics of the volunteer tasks: 
Interact with campers, counselors, staff and parents
Work with the counselors and staff to lead the daily camp activities 

Help with kitchen duties, animal care, gardening, crafting and general farm maintenance

Help the farmers will planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and processing vegetables 
Participate in morning meeting
Help supervise campers during free play times
Help with setup and cleanup of camp activities 
Share your talents with the camp community
Participate in afternoon teen activities
Model collaboration, good manners and respect for others and all living things
Work for the good of the group 
Work in a creative, cooperative community that responds to the needs of each camper 

Must be at least 13 years of age
Be hardworking and have a positive attitude
Enjoy working and playing with children in a small, diverse community
Be willing to work as a team, placing the needs of the children first  
Be a good listener and a good leader
Have good communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
Be committed to peacefully working out misunderstandings and conflicts
Be patient, understanding and flexible
Have a developed sense of compassion for the natural world and a desire to preserve, conserve and be a good caretaker
Commit to an electronic-free policy except for in the case of emergencies

All applicants must fill out an online application.  New applicant will have an informal conversation with member(s) of our staff.  Attendance at the pre-season orientation is suggested. 

HCFC Teen Leadership Program is an equal opportunity volunteer program. All leadership-worthy, think outside-of-the-flock young people are encouraged to apply.  

Tiered Program Participation Fee:

$35.00 - 1 week of participation 

$70.00 - 2-3 weeks of participation

$130.00 - 4 or more weeks of participation 

As part of the participation fee, each teen will receive a HCFC teeshirt and draw string backpack. Onsite social opportunities will be offered periodically throughout the summer.  Teen will be provided with an afternoon snack each day of attendance. Occasionally, we will offer optional offsite outings for an additional cost. This year, returning teens are invited to the farm for a spring sleepover retreat.  All teen participants are encouraged to attend our spring orientation work days.  All participants will be invited to join us in September for the Appreciation Sleepover.  This summer we will also be offering a sleepover for campers ages 9-12 on Friday, July 13 and teens are invited to join us for this fun-filled event! 

Participants should review the camper's packing list to make sure they are coming to camp adequately prepared to participate fully in the program.  Please bring a hearty morning snack and lunch each day.  Afternoon snack is provided by camp.