Country Mouse and Town Mouse (Parent/Child Program)  - Watch for details for SPRING 2019 PROGRAM 

Heritage Creek Farm Camp is excited to collaborate with Under the Willow Preschool, Marietta, to offer a unique Parent/Child Program this spring.  On Mondays class will be held in the "country" at the farm in Mt. Joy, and on Tuesdays class will be held at the preschool in the river town of Marietta.  

This spring, we will offer this program to 2 groups with classes being held on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays.  Mondays classes will always be on the farm and Tuesday classes in the town. Please mark your calendars with the appropriate dates according to the group for which you register.  

This Program is designed for children ages  1 1/2 to 4 years.  

Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.    

Time:  9:00 am - 11:30 am 

Cost:  $165/spring session  (6 mornings) 

​The Country Mouse & Town Mouse Parent/Child Program will weave together nature with work, play, story, and song.  This program is geared for children ages 1 ½ - 4.  Each week, the children will be engaged in age-appropriate activities that will help to foster their imagination and support their emotional development. 

On the farm, participants will learn about the plant and animal kingdoms.  They will help with morning chores, interact with our animals, and experience the seasonal changes on the farm, in the forest and fields.  Playing outside in nature, discovering treasures in the bamboo forest, planting seeds in the gardens, and exploring the creek are some of the activities on the farm.  While baking is not part of the morning routine on the farm, muffins and fruit will be provided for snack.   

The program in the town is equally as engaging, with a sweet morning rhythm of indoor and outdoor play. Blooming flowers and trees, and birds singing in the tree top will be some of the signs of the arrival of spring in the town.  Baking the morning snack in the kitchen, and creative play in the adjoining classroom, will provide lots of opportunities for children to interact.  Throughout the morning, there will be time for adults to talk about child development and discuss issues of child rearing. 

About the teachers:
Jackie Randazzo is the teacher for the Country Mouse/Town Mouse Program.  During the summer Jackie is an HCFC teacher for our Little Seeds Summer Program (ages 3 – 5 ½).  She is also the owner of Under the Willow Preschool, Marietta, PA.   Jackie Randazzo has a lifelong love of children, animals and nature.  She has been working with children for 25 years and took her Waldorf Teacher Training at Sunbridge College, New York. Jackie believes young children learn through play, social interactions, and by using their bodies to explore and discover their surroundings.  Her work nurtures children and families through rhythm, stories, and circle with a deep connection to the changing seasons.   https://www.facebook.com/UndertheWillowPreschool/

Cindi Hughes will work with Jackie at HCFC to facilitate farm-based activities.  As Director of Heritage Creek Farm Camp, Cindi believes the seasonal ebb and flow of nature can play an instrumental role in childhood development and enhance the education process. This philosophy stems from her fond childhood memories of running barefoot in her parent's garden and her hands-on involvement in her children's education. Cindi resides at Heritage Creek Farm Camp and loves to share fun, fascinating animal facts, and work hand-in-hand with visitors to the farm.  

Oaks & Acorns  Parent/Child Program 

From Little Things....big things grow!

​This program is not currently being offered but watch for details for future sessions! 

This program is designed for children ages 18 months - 4 years old that are accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  Circle time, movement, nature-based adventures, natural crafting, and animal care will inspire our group play and morning tasks. Surrounded by the beauty of farm and forest, we will follow the rhythm of the seasons and encourage exploration through the freedom of imaginative play.   

The summer days are waning and the autumn season arrives as we begin this session.  Our nature-based activities will include singing seasonal songs, listening to animal stories and puppet plays, collecting leaves, gathering acorns for our piggy friends, and sharing a pot of “stone soup”.  Grey squirrel will join our farm animals in leading our outdoor adventures as we experience the autumn splendor of color on the farm and watch the animal kingdom prepare for the winter months ahead. 

Remaining ​​2018 Seasonal Farm Camp Days 

Monday, October 8 

Monday, November 26 


​These one-day seasonal sessions are a great way to introduce your child to Heritage Creek Farm Camp or an opportunity for your child to spend their days off of school on the farm experiencing the spring and autumn seasons!  All the things you love about summer farm camp – games, nature, music, art, work and play, hands and heart will be an integral part of SEASONAL FARM CAMP DAYS!    

Time:  8:30 am – 4 pm   Before and aftercare is available as requested at no additional cost.  
Cost:  $45/day includes an afternoon snack   (Country Kid Campers should register using Country Kid's registration to received reduced rate) 
Ages:   5-12

Farm Schooling Program (Fall Block)

Our Farm Schooling Program is designed for homeschool students ages 10+ that are interested in learning about farming.  Participants will learn about life on the farm through hands-on work in the fields, observation of the farm ecosystem, and through mentorship with our farmers and farm educators. Immersion into various aspects of chemical-free vegetable production, animal care, environmental ecosystem, and edible landscaping will help students learn about the plant and animal kingdoms.  Fall Block will be offered on a variety of dates from mid-September until the beginning of November.  ​

Regular participation will provide the best learning experience in this program. Farm Schoolers can be on the farm from 9 am - 3 pm.  If staying for the full day, students should pack a hearty snack and lunch. Water bottles, hat, sunscreen, close-toed shoes, work gloves, and farm appropriate work clothes are required.  Dates that field trips will be on the farm it is best if participants can stay for the full day as to not disrupt our teachers while working with field trip students.  

Fall Dates:  September 11, 18, and 25, October 2, 5, 9, 16, 23, and 30, and November 9  

Although we understand that sometimes schedules change, we ask that participants take this program seriously and do their very best to honor their commitment and participate on the dates for which they registered. Our Staff will plan the daily activities based upon the number of participants.  

Goals for this program
To encourage a yearning for learning while working hand-in-hand on the land
To provide engaging activities that enhance home school curriculum and provide opportunities for home school students to work together
To teach the skills involved in small-scale vegetable farming
To offer an opportunity to learn about plants cycle and the cycle of the rhythm of the growing season
To provide hands-on activities for participants to learn about and experience life on the farm

To teach leadership skills 

Farm Schoolers will learn various aspects of farming, and assist with our farm-based educational program. Depending upon the days they are on the farm and the activities scheduled on the farm, participants may be: 

  • Working in the field with our farmers SPRING:  preparing beds, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting crops FALL: harvesting fall crops, planting garlic, preparing beds for winter and general field maintenance. 
  • Helping with animal chores and care of farm animals 
  • Assisting with general farm maintenance - fencing, weeding, creating new learning stations 
  • Helping Farm Educators prepare for field trips or summer camp curriculum  
  • Assist Staff with field trip group activities

Program Cost for Spring Block of Farm Schooling : $85.00

Questions about this program can be addressed to info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com

HCFC strives to spark the enthusiasm to discover, build the willpower to do, teach the wisdom to work together, cultivate the inner strength to take action, and create the freedom to just “be.”  We consider encouraging a life-long love of learning and instilling a peaceful, compassionate way of being as core parts of a young person’s education.   

Farm-Based Educational Opportunities 

Educational Field Trips for school groups and home-school co-ops are offered throughout the school year and are individually designed to meet the support the curriculum goals. ​Full day and half day options are available.  Please contact us for more information info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com. 

We offer a variety of seasonal programs, seasonal camp days during school holidays, parent/child program and nature-based learning opportunities to local school groups and organizations through the school year.  Please register early as space is limited.