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​We were very very happy with farm camp. Our kids came home tired in a peaceful way--kind to one another and all filled up with songs, wholesome work and play, good food and loving community time. It brought a wonderful energy to our family life this week. Thank you!!!!!
 - Parent of July 2012 Campers

Miss Cindi, Miss Rochelle, and all of the farm school teachers run the camp with thoughtfulness, creativity, and love. Heritage Creek Farm is a wonderful environment for children to appreciate the earth, nurture its animals, and encourage one another to build community. 
Colleen Milligan, mother of Willow, August 2012 Camper

I can’t say enough good things about Heritage Creek Farm Camp! Our girls have gone for one week a year for the past two years.  This year they attend Arts on the Farm week and it couldn’t have been more perfectly geared towards their interests! I was also so happy to have the opportunity to help on two days as that allowed me to experiences what my girls experience for the week, as well as to enjoy those experiences together.  I think our favorite part of the week was going down the slip n slide together! - Parent of 2013 Camper

The love, compassion, curiosity, friendship and creativity found at camp are unsurpassed by any other place.  When it is Farm Camp week, the girls bounce out of bed very early each morning eager to find out what the new day will bring.  Our two-year-old son talks about going to Farm Camp and seeing the “piggies”…he can’t wait to be able to go himself! Getting him to leave this past summer when dropping off or picking up the girls was quite the challenge for me as he wanted to stay and explore the creek, the animals, the swingset, the trains and especially the tractor!  We feel extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in our community for not only our girls but for our whole family. – Mother of camper 2013

Comments from a visit who toured our facility:  "You make education fun for children and they will remember their experiences at HCFC for life.  Your passion for educating children about nature is amazing!" 

Thanks for all you do for the campers. I am so sad that tomorrow is the last camp day of summer camp for the season.  You have enriched my daughter’s life greatly and you have taught her so many levels of love and outreach! She simply adores all of you and is already taking about coming back next year. This is a testament to your passion and dedication to 'the children' and all that matters to them. Through their innocence, the campers learn what is important...the insects and animals, the land that produces food, the sky and clouds and sun, all of Mother Earth, play time, friendships, getting dirty, learning, exploring, sharing and paying reverence for all of these (and many more) gifts they were given at Heritage Creek Farm Camp this summer.  – Mother of camper 2013 

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her camp experience. In fact, she often said throughout the week, "I wish farm camp never ended!" What a fantastic opportunity for children to come together to not only play, learn and grow, but to also have fun while creating life-long memories during such a magical time in their lives. Kudos to the staff at Heritage Creek Farm Camp for going above & beyond my expectations. I give many, many thanks and blessings for providing my child with such a wonderful first experience. She cannot wait to return next year!!
Family of July 2012 Camper 

"Sending our daughter to Heritage Creek Farm Camp this summer has been a truly wonderful experience. The magical atmosphere as you enter the site combined with exciting activities for the children made me "stop and take a moment" each day she attended. You know, the kind of moment where you feel totally affirmed about the place you are dropping off your child and the kind of moment where, as you leave for the day you almost wish you could be one of the young ones yourself and stay for the experiences too. Each evening I never had to pry details out of my daughter as to what she did at farm camp. She talked non-stop about all of the animals and plants, her new friends and how awesome it was to learn about different cultures. This camp is top drawer and we are definitely going to sign up next year. Thank you so much for enriching my daughter's summer."
Cheila Huettner, Lancaster
Mother of June 2012 Camper


Archive of Newsletters from HCFC 

2014 GRANT WINNER - We feel blessed to have been one of fifteen farms/organizations awarded a $10,000 Seeds of Change® Grants  in 2014.

In the grant announcement Seed of Change writes "We were truly impressed by Heritage Creek Farm Camp's submission which demonstrated how you’re teaching people about where their food comes from and building a connection from seed to plate!  Seeds of Change® is committed to helping create a healthier, more sustainable community. To support our mission, we look for partners that we believe are working to enhance the environmental, economic, and social well-being of gardens, farms, farmers and communities."  

Each year Seeds of Change® awards grants to organizations that support sustainable, community-based gardening & farming programs around the country.  In 2015, they will be awarding a total of $200,000 in grants to 34 garden projects.  Visit their website for more information about their products and grant program.  

Excerpts from our winning grant entry to Seeds of Change written by Cindi Hughes: 

Our farm is committed to offering farm-based education by encouraging a yearning for learning while working hand-in-hand on the land!  Through teaching a broad approach to farming we hope people can see food production through a new set of eyes and understand the way food is grown has a direct correlation to food quality and nutritional value.  Our intention is to sow the seeds of change that will reap a new generation of farmers and consumers that value the way food is grown; bringing further awareness to how farming practices affect the environment and impact the health of our society.  The fruits of our labors will be evident in a bountiful harvest that creates a strong sense of community.  Our success can be measured in teachable moments that connect people to the earth and provide opportunities for dirty hands and knees!  

Excerpts from our winning grant entry to Lundgren Family Farm written by Cindi Hughes: 
Organic farming dwells deep within my soul. My youthful memories are filled with walking barefoot in the warm soil, nurturing crops to ripeness, harvesting produce for our daily meals and preserving food for winter storage. I am a prodigy child of the organic movement that was locally inspired by the Rodale Institute and Gene Logsdon. From seedling to adulthood, I have been nourished by wholesome food and have been steeped in the love of caretaking the land. Someone once told me that your vocation should be your vacation and I have taken that to heart through my work as the co-founder of Heritage Creek Farm Camp and Education Center. This meaningful career intertwines my two loves – farming and education. 

We live in the fast paced age of technology where a lifestyle rooted in the simplicity of farm life is like finding a pearl in an oyster. Our children are growing up without experiencing the wonders of nature or the joy of discovery. The art of producing your own food is becoming a lost tradition that is in need of revitalization. Heritage Creek’s Dirt to Dinner Farming Program provides an opportunity for people to participate in the growing of their own food while learning to become better stewards of the earth. Our farm’s mission is to plant the seeds of childhood memories and encourage a yearning for learning while working hand-in-hand on the land. Teaching sustainable agricultural provides the opportunity to spark meaningful conversations, light the fire for environmental awareness and model how individual actions can make a difference in our world. We hope to cultivate a new generation that values a healthy lifestyle and understands the local and global responsibilities of taking care of our environment.  Our mission is two-fold in nature – raise wholesome food and also educate people to grow their own food!  

2012 GRANT WINNER - We are grateful to Raising Organic Family Farms for the $2500.00 grant that we received from their organization. Their financial assistance helped us grow leaps and bounds in 2012!