Our curriculum and activities are designed to give campers a wide variety of experiences at farm camp.  Here are some of the areas we strive to provide throughout our programs:   

  • Developing a sense of compassion toward all living things 
  • Caretaking and interaction with our farm animals
  • Cultivating cultural understanding & Social Change
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Environmental Stewardship: Socially and ecologically responsibility
  • Awareness of food origin
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Nature-based Crafting
  • Life skills
  • Collaborative through activities and games
  • Developing a sense of imagination
  • Explorential learning:  Explore, experience, discover
  • Cooperative work 
  • Will-building activities
  • Hand and Heart:  Community service
  • Building, woodworking,  creative or traditional art skill 

Camp Motto:  Dirty hands and knees, meadows, woods, and stream.  Earth, water, air, and sun, food and friendship, outdoor fun.  Games, nature, music, art, work and play, hands and heart.  Plant, harvest, cook and bake, meals and friendships we do make.  Steward of water, creatures, and land, crafting, and building, hand-in-hand.  Wonder, reverence, and respect, all the virtues we expect.  Value, love, and encourage others, we are one, sisters, and brothers.  Harmony, peace, joy, and unity, weave the tapestry of community. 

For campers ages 10-13 Overnight Camps offer an opportunity for Sowers & Growers to experience farm life more fully.  Please see Sowers & Growers Page for more information.  

Bond-Fire Sleepover Camp  

Runs weekdays from June 10 – August 23, 2019.  We will not have camp on July 4&5.  Parents who enroll their children (ages 5 - 13) for any SEVEN of our eleven summer camp full week sessions will receive a discount on the weekly rate (see program details) and also receive Barnyard Bunch Stay and Play at no additional charge.  If you want to sign up for individual weeks see program details for Roots & Boots, Farm & Forest Friends or Sowers & Growers.   Country Kids Program is not available for Little Seeds Camp. 

Field Trips & Seasonal Farm Camp Days 

We offer field trip programs for school groups, home-school co-ops and other organizations.  We have seasonal farm camp days when school have holidays.  These programs provide students the opportunity to experience farm life at HCFC throughout the fall, and spring months. 

Barnyard Bunch (Before/Aftercare) 

This program is open to campers ages 3 - 12 and operates Monday – Friday from 7:30 - 8:30 am and 3:30  – 6:00 pm.  Parents must enroll their campers on or before the first day of the weekly session to get the weekly rate of $40/week.  Enrollment in this program for individual days is available as space permits at a rate of $10.00/per child/day.  This service is included in the HCFC Country Kids Program at no additional cost.   

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