The 2018 Sowers and Growers Program has expanded to include several new components to improve, and further diversify your child’s camp experience. Many of the sessions incorporate more science-oriented activities that will complement our agricultural curriculum.  Additionally, the afternoon “free-play” period will now have an optional activity offered each day that will add more structure for those campers who choose to participate. Relating to agriculture, our early spring crops will be in the ground before the children arrive this year, so the harvesting aspect of their education on the farm will be more comprehensive. Camper’s will frequently have opportunities to be involved in the farmer's market at camp, as well as assemble weekly vegetable boxes for our “Farm-to-Fam” program, broadening their scope of the growing season. Finally, encouraging the Sowers and Growers to build new learning stations and play structures on camp grounds, as well as suggest future projects, is all in the hope that it will increase the children’s influence and involvement in the development of HCFC’s facility.

Summer Camp Program for ages 9-12 

Sowers & Growers (Ages 9-12) Program Costs 
Heritage Creek Farm Camp is passionate about offering a camp experience to as many students as possible.  Our Sliding Price Scale and Taproot Scholarship Program are how we make this achievable  We ask that families pay at the highest level that is comfortable for your budget.  

SHARE THE HARVEST ($260 per weekly session) ~ sustains our program and helps our camp grow
NOURISH THE CROP ($235 per weekly session) ~ gives us the nutrients to blossom
SOW THE SEED ($210 per weekly session) ~ helps plant the seeds of community
Includes one snack per day 

A $75.00 deposit/camper/session is required at time of registration.  Remaining Balance (based upon your sliding price scale selection) is due in full by May 15, 2018.  If you are registering for multiple sessions and this causes a financial challenge, please contact our office at info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com to discuss other possible payment arrangements.  See Policy and Procedures for more details. 

If your family is unable to pay at the SOW THE SEED rate, please see details for our TAPROOT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which allows families to volunteer time on the farm in exchange for a reduction in session fees.

Kickoff days (June 7 & 8) and Phase-Out days (August 20 & 21) are single-day farm camps with a cost of $45/day and payment must be paid at time of registration.    

The shortened week of July 2nd has two 2-day sessions - July 2 & 3, July 5 & 6.  These 2-day sessions will be will be prorated to $90/camper/session and payment must be paid at time of registration.  

Sowers & Growers Program 

Sowers and Growers Schedule (Ages 9-12)
8:30-9:00 am                    Flexible drop off by the farmhouse
9:15-9:30 am                    Morning Meeting, team building game
9:30 - 10:30 am                First Activity
10:30 - 11:30 am              Lunchbox snack and free play
11:30 am - 12:30 pm        Second activity
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm          Snunch
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm            Free Play and Projects

2:45 pm - 3:00 pm            Afternoon Snack 

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm            Cleanup and Closing Circle

Our summer camp program will offer 10 themed weeks for campers ages 9-12. This year there will be 2 single-day camps on June 7 & 8.  The first full week of camp is June 11-15.  August 13-17 will be the final full week of camp with 2 single-day camps being offered on August 20 & 21.   Sessions for campers ages 9-12 operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Before and after care (7:30 – 8:30 am and 3:30 – 6 pm) is available at an additional cost.  Please see our Barnyard Bunch Program   for more details regarding before and after care.  

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) 9-12 for 7 weeks or more during the 2018 season, please see our HCFC Country Kids Program  for program details and discounted rates.  

Family Fun Night on the Farm will be held on select Friday evenings. Family members and loved ones are invited to join us for a night of food, fun, and friendship on the farm.  

Through the balance of outdoor activities and work on the farm, we will engage the head, heart and hands of our Sowers & Growers campers ages 9-12.  Cultivating willpower and instilling the wisdom to work together are at the heart of the program for this group.  Hands-on activities will teach a variety of life skills and traditional arts.  Our socially responsible and environmentally friendly lessons, based on our weekly themes, illustrate how individual actions can make a difference in our world. Campers will work hand-in-hand on the land and learn to encourage one another through the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. 

Our summer camp offers programs for three age groups:  ages 3-6, ages 5 ½-9, and ages 9-12. Our daily schedules are designed to support the developmental needs of the growing child from early childhood through early adolescence. We believe our multi-age camps provide the habitat for children to grow, develop a more enriching sense of community, instill the virtue of compassion,  and serve the needs of all of our campers regardless of age and skill level.  

Our summer programs Little Seeds (Ages 3-6), Farm & Forest Friends (Ages 5 ½ - 8) and Sowers & Growers (Ages 9-12) operate independently within our camp facility.  The age groups have different rotating activities to focus on age-appropriate skills and educational learning opportunities. Campers ages 5 ½ - 12 can intermingle during meals and free play time and will be together for special presentations and activities. 

Each farm camp session is different and our weekly themes are interwoven with activities that are a regular part of the HCFC schedule:  artistic endeavors, environmental lessons, community-building activities, gardening, animal care-taking, water play, nature exploration, and good old fashion fun! 

June 7 - Kick-Off Farm Camp Day (single-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 

June 8 - Kick-Off Farm Camp Day (single-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 

June 11-15 GaGa for Farm Camp - SESSION FULL 
June 18-22 Barnyard Art 
June 25-29 Mooving Forward 
July 2 & 3 The Power of the Sun (2-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 

July 5 & 6 Hare & Hounds (2-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 
July 9-13 Eggsperiments SESSION FULL
July 16-20 Animal, Plants and Fibers SESSION FULL 
July 23-27 Creative Critters 
July 30 – August 3 STEM, Leaf and Flower ​SESSION FULL
August 6-10 Colors of Nature - SESSION FULL 

August 13-17 Bremen Town Musicians - SESSION FULL 

August 20 - Phase-Out Farm Camp Day (single-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 

August 21 - Phase-Out Farm Camp Day (single-day session) payment in full due at time of registration 

Session Descriptions for Sowers & Growers: 

June 11-15 GaGa for Farm Camp - SESSION FULL 
This session will jump start our summer as Sowers and Growers participate in farming activities and play a variety of group games. Building a pit for GaGa ball*, making handmade candles in mason jars, and creating decorative paper lanterns will be some of our activities this week. Strategic board games, capture the flag, and Ultimate Frisbee will provide an active component to the week. Campers will also explore and map out the camp facility, and later submit their ideas for new learning stations and free play areas.      *A gaga pit is used to play an Israeli version of dodge ball.   

June 18-22 Barnyard Art 
From traditional art to modern concepts, the projects for our art-themed week will include observational drawings, recycled art sculptures, sketchbook exercises, and large abstract expressionism creations. Through rudimentary conversations, campers will also learn about a variety of artists that have used various aspects of agriculture as their artistic focus. Patti Van Brederode will be leading our artistic activities this week. In addition to our creative projects, planting and harvesting in the field, interacting with the barnyard animals, and beating the heat with water games will make this session “farmtastic!”  Camper’s artwork will be on display at our 2nd annual Art Gallery during our Family Fun Night on Friday, June 22nd.  

Patti Van Brederode is an Artist and Arts Educator.  She is also the 4-H Program Assistant for Lancaster County.  She is excited to combine her passion for arts with her enthusiasm for agriculture while teaching this farm-based art session at camp this summer. https://extension.psu.edu/programs/4-h/counties/lancaster  

June 25-29 Mooving Forward 
This week, campers will take a field trip to Tui Holsteins, a dairy farm located in Manheim, to tour their robotic dairy and learn how to milk a cow. Other farm-based activities will include bottle feeding our baby calves and making milk candles.  Our afternoons will be filled with cool, hands-on science experiments and activities that demonstrate movement and motion.  This session is sure to be “mootivating!”    

July 2 & 3 The Power of the Sun (Monday & Tuesday)
During this two-day session, campers will make their own solar oven, harvest tea from our garden to make sun tea, and use items from nature to make beautiful sun art. Campers will also work in our sunflower patch and create a quill (or folding paper) sunflower craft during this “Sunsational” session!   

Farm Camp will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. Enjoy your Holiday! 

July 5 & 6 Hare and Hounds (Thursday & Friday) 
During this two-day session, campers will learn to use wood burning tools to create their own Hare & Hounds* strategy game.  Campers will also play a running game where the hounds search for the trail left by the hare, and participate in an interactive, nature-based scavenger hunt around the entire facility. Helping with animal chores and working with our farmers will be among the many “hare-raising” experiences!   *Hare & Hound is a popular two-player strategic game that originated in Medieval Northern Europe.    

July 9-13 Eggsperiments  ​SESSION FULL 
This session will highlight “SCIENCE” as campers use eggs to perform a variety of experiments. Campers will be “eggcited” to compete in an egg drop challenge, create egg shell geodes, and see if they can make egg shells disappear!  Making fruit and veggie confetti eggs will be one of the artistic projects this week, and the farm-based activities will include interacting with our spring chicks and gathering eggs from the coop. 

Friday, July 13th we will be offering an overnight for campers ages 9-12.  “Bond-fire Overnight Camps” are a wonder-filled way for your children to experience farm life more fully. The evening will include campfires, evening animal chores, tenting, capture the flag, and so much “s’more!”   Cost: $45 per camper. You do not need to be enrolled in the weekly camp session to participate. Use Country Kids or Sowers & Growers registration forms for this event.     

July 16-20 Animals, Plants and Fibers  SESSION FULL 
In this session, campers will explore the plant and animal kingdom, and discover the origin of certain fibers. Learning to use a drop spindle to make yarn and visiting our neighbors – Eastland Alpaca, will be among our fiber-related activities. Agricultural activities will include harvesting food in the field and planting seeds in the greenhouse for our fall crops. Campers will screen print their own tee-shirts and even learn the French words for different animals.   

July 23-27 Creative Critters 

There will be plenty of “farmtastic” adventures this week as we explore the animal kingdom and learn how to care for the animals that live at HCFC. Critter Connections, from York, will give an educational, hands-on program featuring their fascinating reptiles, insects and small mammals. Campers will create an artistic animal project and play with story cubes to write a short story about their favorite animal.  As an exciting afternoon activity, campers will make pizza in our outdoor cob oven, and we will finish off our week playing a group game in the grassy field area called Knights, Farmer and Giants.  

July 30 – August 3 STEM, Leaf and Flower SESSION FULL 
Our activities this week will teach a variety of STEM skills using items from the natural world or the garden. Campers will use produce to make a car which will compete in a vegetable and fruit car derby.  After harvesting potatoes, campers will learn physics during the potato cannon demonstration.  Apples will teach chemistry and be used make an afternoon snack of apple sauce.  Making a journal to write down the findings of our experiments, creating a floating flower craft, and drawing a family tree art project will “leaf” a lasting impression.  

August 6-10 Colors of Nature - SESSION FULL 
In this session, campers will harvest a rainbow of color from our Dyer’s Garden.  Using flowers, herbs, roots, and fruits, campers will learn the step-by-step process of making botanical dyes. Campers will experiment with dyeing wool and fabrics, and then create their own unique project.  Animal feeding, group games, and farming activities will round out this week on the farm.  
Sarah Ulrich, owner of Handwork House, a fiber arts school in Lancaster, will lead the plant dying activities this week. www.handworkhouse.com

August 13-17 Bremen Town Musicians - SESSION FULL 
This week, our activities will bring to life the popular story written by the Grimm Brothers.  Campers interested in theatre will weave and perform an original tale based upon Bremen Town Musicians.  Musicians and STEM enthusiasts will experiment making musical instruments from vegetables. The animals in the tale are often depicted balancing on top of each other so we have invited the Circus School of Lancaster to join us on Friday to teach our campers activities that promote balance, coordination, and teamwork. Our Family Fun Night on Friday will incorporate aspects of music, theatre and circus arts.

Family Fun Night will be held on Friday, August 17th.  

The Circus School of Lancaster encourages children to explore their strengths in performing arts while accessing their creativity and building up their confidence, discipline and self-esteem.  http://circusschooloflancaster.com/

2018 Date & Themes for Sowers & Growers