Roots & Boots Schedule (Ages 5 & 6)
8:30-9:15         Flexible drop off, gathering at outdoor classroom
9:15-9:30         Morning Circle
9:30-10:30       First Activity 
10:30-11:30     Lunchbox snack and free play
11:30-12:30     Second Activity 
12:30 - 1:00     Snunch
1:00 - 2:30       Free Play
2:30 - 3:00       Storytime/Rest
3:00 - 3:15       Snack
3:15 - 3:30       Cleanup and Dismissal 


Dates and Themes for Roots & Boots (Ages 5 & 6)  
Each farm camp session is different and our weekly themes are interwoven with activities that are a regular part of the HCFC schedule:  artistic endeavors, environmental lessons, community-building activities, gardening, animal care-taking, water play, nature exploration, and good old fashion fun!  

June 10-14 Peter Rabbit Eats Peas 
June 17-21
 Jamberry Jamboree 
June 24-28
 A Cow named Lola 
July 1-3 (3 day session) Beet the Heat! 
July 8-12
 The Seven Goats 
July 15-19
 Tops & Bottoms 
July 22-26 Stick, Stone & String 
July 29- August 2 Egg Scavenger Hunt 
August 5-9 The Adventure of Woolbur

August 12-16 Hugin & the Giant Carrot 
August 19-23 ​Apple Pig 

Roots & Boots Program Costs
Heritage Creek Farm Camp is passionate about offering a camp experience to as many students as possible.  Our Sliding Price Scale and Taproot Scholarship Program are how we make this achievable  We have a Sliding Price Scale and ask that families pay at the highest level that is comfortable for their budget. 


SHARE THE HARVEST ($265 per weekly session) ~ sustains our program and helps our camp grow
NOURISH THE CROP ($240 per weekly session) ~ gives us the nutrients to blossom
SOW THE SEED ($215 per weekly session) ~ helps plant the seeds of community
Includes one snack per day 

The charge for the three day session on July 1-3 will be pro-rated to $135.00 and is due at time of registration.  Farm Camp is closed on July 4 & 5 so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their families.    

If your family is unable to pay at the SOW THE SEED rate, please see details for our TAPROOT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which allows families to volunteer time on the farm in exchange for a reduction in session fees. Although we strive to make every request for Taproot Scholarship possible, we are limited with our funds, and may not be able to accommodate every request particularly if request is for multiple sessions, and or multiple campers.   

​A $85.00 deposit/camper/session is required at time of registration.  The Remaining Balance (based upon your sliding price scale selection) is due in full by May 1, 2019.  See Policy and Procedures for more details. 

Our summer camp offers programs for three age groups:  ages 3-5 1/2, ages 5 & 6, ages 7-9  and ages 10-13.  Our daily schedules are designed to support the developmental needs of the growing child from early childhood through early adolescence. We believe our multi-age camps provide the habitat for children to grow, develop a more enriching sense of community, instill the virtue of compassion, and serve the needs of all of our campers regardless of age and skill level.  

Our summer programs Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2), Roots & Boots (Ages 5 & 6), Farm & Forest (Ages 7-9) and Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) operate independently within our camp facility.  The age groups have different rotating activities to focus on age-appropriate skills and educational learning opportunities. Campers ages 7-13 can intermingle during meals and free play time and will be together for special presentations and large group activities.  

Whether in the barnyard, farm field, garden, forest, or art barn, activities for our Roots and Boots Program are inspired by the wonders of nature and the joys of discovery.  Our daily schedule allows plenty of time for outdoor play and exploration.  Through group activities and imaginary adventures, which focus on our weekly themes, we will encourage a yearning for learning while working and playing together on the farm.     

Descriptions for 2019 Roots & Boots Sessions

​June 10-14   Peter Rabbit Eats Peas
This session is inspired by the many fairy “tails” written about peas and rabbits.  Our farm adventures will include feeding the bunnies, picking peas, and planting onions.  Every bunny will have fun this week as they learn new songs and play a variety of hopping and clapping games.   

June 17 – 21  Jamberry Jamboree
This week our campers will learn that wholesome goodness can come in small packages.  Whether it is picking blueberries in the Children’s Garden, baking with the muffin man, or dancing around the mulberry bush, the many hands-on activities in this session are sure to be “berry” sweet!  Families are invited to join us for our Fun Night on Friday, June 21. 

June 24 – 28  A Cow Named Lola
Dairy cows will be our special guests this session as campers learn about the origin of milk, make butter, bottle feed our baby calves and sing lots of silly cow songs. During imaginative play our budding business owners will create an Ice Cream Parlor and ask their customers “cow many scoops do they want on their cone?”

July 1 – 3 (3 day session)   Beet the Heat
This three-day session will offer a sampling of farm life.  Campers will help with animal chores, learn about growing vegetables and play a variety of water games to “beet” the summer heat.  We will also celebrate the holiday with a 4th of July Pignic! 

July 8 – 12  The Seven Goats
Based upon the Grimm’s Fairy tale our activities this week will follow the story line of The Wolf and the Seven Goats.  Campers will feed the goats, bake a sweet treat, have story time under the apple tree, and build boats to float in the creek.  On Friday we will have a goat party in celebration of the mother goat outwitting the wolf.   

July 15 – 19  Tops n Bottoms
Based upon the book written by Janet Stevens, this week Hare and Bear will teach our campers about the edible parts of plants.  Among the many farm-based activities campers will dig potatoes, help in the market stand, and test their knowledge and endurance during vegetable themed games. 

July 22 – 26  Stick, Stone, & String
Simple items can be the inspiration for innovation.  Among the many farm activities, campers will play a weaving game, make a group tapestry project on our earth loom, craft in our Art Barn, and build forts.      

July 29 – August 2  Egg Scavenger Hunt
Our week together on the farm is sure to be eggtraordinary as we follow the silly antics of a hen named Spoke-a-Doodle Chicken Noodle.  A week-long scavenger egg hunt will provide clues that lead to many fun-filled farm adventures.  As campers find the hidden eggs and follow the clues they will “unlock the coop” to win the prize!     

August 5 – 9  The Adventures of Woolbur
Inspired by the book written by Leslie Helakoski this session our woolly friend Woolbur will teach our campers about animal fibers and how sheep fiber is processed. Other farm-based activities will include taking a walking field trip to Eastland Alpaca (our neighbors) and making an artistic project that is as unique as ewe and me!

August 12 – 16  Hugin & the Giant Carrot
The book Carrot Seed written by Ruth Krauss, as well as an adaptation of a Russian fairy tale, will serve as our education resources this week as campers learn about the life cycle of a carrot.  Carrot activities will include making a craft, baking cupcakes, doing a cool experiment, singing silly songs and playing carrot games. 

August 19 – 23  Apple Pig
Apple Pig, the book written by Ruth Orbach will inspire our activities this session as campers learn about the life cycle of an apple and fun facts about pigs, the smartest farm animal!  Farm based activities will include making apple sauce, creating an apple pig craft, and enjoying an apple feast fit for friends and beasts!

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) ages 5 - 13 for 7 weeks or more during the 2019 summer season, please see our HCFC Country Kids Programfor program details and discounted rates.  Country Kid Program is not available for our Little Seed campers.  



Barnyard Bunch Before & Aftercare Program 
This program is open to campers ages 3 - 13 and operates Monday – Friday from 7:30 - 8:30 am and 3:30 – 6:00 pm.  This program provides parents flexibility of early drop-off and late pickup from our camp program.  Campers will help with afternoon animal chores, eat a late-day snack and enjoy an extended day of good old fashioned outdoor fun with their camp friends!  

Parents must enroll their campers on or before the first day of the weekly session to get the weekly rate of $40/child/week.  Enrollment in this program for individual days is available as space permits at a rate of $10.00/child/day.  Due to the length of the day, please do your best to be prompt.  If your child is pickup up after 6:00 pm, late fees will apply. 

NOTE:  This program is included at no additional cost for campers enrolled in our HCFC Country Kids Program (registered for a minimum of 7 weeks during summer camp 2019)   

Our Roots & Boots Program will be offered for 11 weeks during 2019 and will operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.   

Before and after care (7:30 – 8:30 am and 3:30 – 6 pm) is available at an additional cost. Please see our Barnyard Bunch Program for more details regarding before and after care.   

See information on our Country Kids Program if you are registering for 7 or more weeks of camp during 2019 season.  If registered in the Country Kids Program, campers can attend the Barnyard Bunch Before & Aftercare for no additional cost.  


In addition to offering pre-order veggie boxes, our Market Stand will have expanded self-serve hours this summer.  Veggie Boxes will be available for pickup on Tuesdays from 3-7 pm.  We are excited that our campers will have more opportunities to be involved in the planting, harvesting and processing of our produce this summer!  

Summer Camp Program for children ages  5 & 6 

Five full day program only  

New for 2019 - Formally part of our Farm & Forest Program 

​​Roots & Boots (Ages 5 & 6) 

Roots & Boots

 This program is new to our camp line-up for 2019 and is designed for young campers that are ready for the rotational activities provided in our 5 full day camp. Children that are used to daycare, school setting or are preparing to enter kindergarten will enjoy the daily rhythm and curriculum provided in the social setting of this program. This camp is for children with a level of self-care skills who will thrive with a bit more freedom of activity choice during free play time. Learning is woven throughout our schedule with theme-based activities.  In this program downtime in the late afternoon is provided in an outdoor setting featuring themed-based stories.