​​​2019 Camp Theme Descriptions:  

June 10-14 Peas Porridge Hot  
Join the five little peas in a pod, as they lead us on an adventure to discover what is growing in Farmer John’s Garden. Among the many farm-based activities campers will pick and taste sugar peas, plant onions, and help with morning animal chores. 

June 17-21 Sheep & Peeps 

Don’t be sheepish…. Join as we explore the barnyard to learn about our woolly and feathered friends. Farm-based activities include gathering eggs, visiting the baby chicks and sheep, and washing wool.  If hanging out with farm animals is something you like to do, then this session is for ewe!

June 24-28
The Cows are in the Corn
Mooooove over! Dairy cows will be visiting the farm this week as campers learn about the origin of milk.  Farm-based activities will include bottle feeding our baby calves, making butter, visiting the corn field and creating a craft using rainbow corn.  

July 1-5 No Little Seed Session this week       

July 8-12  
Hogs N Kisses
Campers will be as happy as pigs in mud as they learn about our piglets, make mud pies in the outdoor kitchen, and have a Pignic. Dirty hands and snouts are what this session is all about. 

July 15-19  Hare’s Market Stand
This week campers will follow the adventures of Hare and Bear as Janet Stevens’ book Tops and Bottoms teach about vegetables that grow above and below the ground.  Farm-based activities will include harvesting potatoes, visiting the Market Stand and feeding the bunnies.   

July 22-26 Barnyard Mayhem 

In this session we will explore the farm and its barnyard sounds! Our silly adventures will include helping cow find her lost moo, teaching piglet to oink, and encouraging Mr. Rooster to cock-a-doodle doo!

July 29 - August 2  A Fairy went a-Marketing
In the book written by Rose Fyleman the fairy that went a-marketing will inspire our campers to treat all living things with compassion.  Activities will include exploring the farm and forest, making fairy soup, and creating a wooden fairy craft.   

August 5-9 
Over on the Farm
This week campers will interact with our farm animals and explore the forest to find animals living in nature.  Over on the Farm written by Marianna Berkes will be one of the educational resources used to teach about the diets, habitats and behaviors of our animal friends.    

August 12-16 Chicken Little’s Farm Adventures
During this session Chicken Little will lead our farm adventures as we learn about chickens, corn and apples!  Farm based activities will include gathering eggs in the chicken coop, grinding corn for muffins, making apple sauce for our snack and having a picnic under the apple tree!    

August 19-23 No Little Seed Session 

***Please note the activities described above are for the 5-day program.  If you child is attending a 2-day or 3-day session, they will participate in a variety of themed-based activities, but will not have the opportunity to do all the activities listed. ***

​​June  10-14           Peas Porridge Hot          

June 17-21            Sheep & Peeps                  
June 24-28            The Cows in the Corn                 

July 1 - 5               No Little Seed Session                  

July 8-12                Hogs-N-Kisses                    
July 15-19              Hare's Market Stand                   

July 22-26              Barnyard Mayhem                

July 29- August 2    A Fairy went a Marketing         

August 5-9             Over on the Farm          

August 12- 16         Chicken Little's Farm Adventures             

​August 19-23          No Little Seed Session 

Program options:  

Five day, three day, and two day programs

Full day 9 am - 3:30 pm or Half day 9 am - 1 pm options

A Few Notes about the Little Seed Program:  

Campers should be 3 years old at time of session and must be potty trained to attend our Little Seeds program.  

This is the only program that offers half and full day, and 2-, 3- or 5-day options. It is designed for preschool aged campers.  The rhythm of our day is offered at a slower pace that allows for lots of time for play-based adventures on the farm.  Learning is presented in a subtle, but sweet and engaging manner.  Full day campers have an afternoon story time in an air conditioned classroom.  Many campers fall asleep during story time while others quietly enjoy the theme-based books.  Although campers must be potty trained to attend this camp, our staff will assist at bathroom times and with self-care tasks.   Bathroom breaks are encouraged throughout the day.  ​

In many cases, summer camp is the first time little ones will be away from their parents. Although we accept campers as young as age 3, it is important that parents evaluate the readiness of their child(ren) to attend before registering for summer camp.  We are unable to refund tuition for non-attendance for any reason during the camp session.  

Child development is as unique as each individual child.  If your child is accustom to a school setting, comfortable interacting with older children, and enjoys free playtime, please check out our Farm & Forest Friends Program for ages 5 & 6.  Campers enrolled in Farm & Forest Friends should have a developed level of independence in self care skills such as changing clothes, tying shoes, and using bathroom facilities. Feel free to contact our camp office if you have questions about which program might best serve your child.  

Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2)

Price for Little Seeds Program: 

Heritage Creek Farm Camp strives to make summer camp experiences affordable to as many campers as possible.  If you are unable to pay camp fees as listed, please see details about our TAPROOT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which allows families to volunteer time on the farm in exchange for a reduction in session fees.  Our scholarship program is limited and although we will make every effort to provide a camp experience for requesting families, we may not be able to accommodate every request, particularly if registering for multiple sessions, and/or multiple campers.  If our family desires to support HCFC over and above the session fees, please see details about contributing to funds that support our scholarship program and yearly projects.     

To make the registration and payment process easier, this year we are requiring a deposit to be paid at time of registration.  The remaining balance must be paid in full by May 1, 2019.   If you are registering for multiple weeks and this is financially difficult, please contact our Administrative Office at info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com to discuss other possible payment arrangements.  ​

Session Tuition

5 Day Session (Monday - Friday)
Full Days   9 am – 3:30 pm  $215.00 ($85.00 deposit at time of registration and remaining balance of $130.00 due by May 1, 2019)
Half Days  9 am – 1 pm $185.00 ($85.00 deposit at time of registration and remaining balance of $100.00 due by May 1, 2019)

2 Day Session (Monday & Tuesday)

2 Full Days   9 am – 3:30 pm $110.00 (Payment due in full at time of registration)
2 Half Days  9 am - 1 pm $85.00 (Payment due in full at time of registration)

3 Day Session (Wednesday - Friday)
3 Full Days   9 am – 3:30 pm $160.00 ($85.00 deposit at time of registration and remaining balance of $75.00 due by May 1, 2019)
3 Half Days  9 am – 1 pm $135.00 ($85.00 deposit at time of registration and remaining balance of $50.00 due by May 1, 2019)                  

​​See policy and procedures for more details. 

Space is limited in our full day program.  Please register early!   

Summer Programs for Campers ages 3 - 5 1/2 

Little Seeds Daily Schedule 

​9:00 am      Arrival/Free Play
9:30 am      Morning Circle
10:00 am    Activities
10:30 am    Bathroom/Wash Hands
10:40 am    Snack/Free Play
11:30 am    Activities
12:00 pm    Bathroom/Wash Hands
12:10 pm    Lunch/Free Play
1:00 pm      Pickup for half day program  

Afternoon Program
1:00 - 1:45 pm    Free Play/Nature Walk  

1:45 - 2:15 pm    Story and Quiet Time 
2:15 - 2:45 pm    Bathroom/Afternoon Snack 
2:45 - 3:15 pm    Free Play/Cleanup 
3:15 - 3:30 pm    Closing Circle 

Little seeds to sow.  Add some dirt to make them grow.  Mix in some sun and quite a few showers.  With love and care the seeds become flowers!   

2019 Camp Dates and Themes for Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2) 

​Through farm-based activities, campers will explore the beauty of the plant and animal kingdoms. Songs, stories, circle time, movement games, hands-on group activities, puppet plays, natural crafting, and free play will provide age appropriate outdoor experiences.  

Campers will bring their own morning snack and lunch to enjoy on the farm.  The farm will provide late afternoon snack for full day campers.  Half-day and full-day programs are offered.  This program fills up quickly, so register early to reserve your child's space.  

Little Seeds (ages 3-5 1/2) offers a 5-day (Monday - Friday), 2-day (Monday & Tuesday) and a 3-day (Wednesday - Friday) with a half day program that operates from 9 am – 1 pm or full day program 9 am - 3:30 pm.  Nine Little Seeds sessions will be offered during summer of 2019.  There will not be Little Seeds sessions during the weeks of July 1st and August 19th.    

Our summer camp offers programs for four age groups:  ages 3-5 1/2, ages 5 & 6, 7-9 and 10-13.  Our daily schedules are designed to support the developmental needs of the growing child from early childhood through early adolescence. We believe our multi-age camps provide the habitat for children to grow, develop a more enriching sense of community, instill the virtue of compassion, and serve the needs of all of our campers regardless of age and skill level.  

Our summer programs Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2), Roots & Boots (Ages 5 & 6), Farm & Forest Friends (7-9) and Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) operate independently within our camp facility.  The age groups have different rotating activities to focus on age-appropriate skills and educational learning opportunities. Campers ages 7-13 are together for some group activities and special presentations.  


​​​​​​​Barnyard Bunch Before & Aftercare Program is available upon request for an additional cost for campers ages 3-5 1/2. This program operates from 7:30 - 9 am and 3:30 - 6 pm.  The cost is $40/child/week if registered before the start of the session or drop-in as space permits at a cost of $10/child/day.  

Little Seeds Pre-Season Family Drop In
Date:  Wednesday, June 5th from 3 pm – 6 pm

Our Little Seed campers (and parents) sometimes have a bit of anxiety about the first day of camp. This drop-in event provides a relaxed setting for you and your child(ren) to meet some of our teachers and staff, play in our outdoor classrooms, explore the camp facility, and meet and greet our farm animals. At this event you can ask questions about our summer program, become familiar with camp procedures and pave the way for a rewarding summer camp experience!