​​Each farm camp session is different and our weekly themes are interwoven with activities that are a regular part of the HCFC schedule:  artistic endeavors, environmental lessons, community-building activities, gardening, animal care-taking, water play, nature exploration, and good old fashion fun! 

June 10-14 ABC's of Farming 
June 17-21 Berry Pi 
June 24-28 Moozzarella and More 
July 1-3 Wet and Water 

July 8-12 Blooming Ideas 
July 15-19 Animal Illustrator 
July 22-26 Wool, Warp and Weft 

July 26-27 Bond-Fire Sleepover 
July 29-August 2 Mystery and Scavenger Hunt 
August 5-9 Roots, Berries, Bark & Leaves 

August 12-16 STEM on the Farm 

August 19-23 Preserving the Harvest 

Session Descriptions for Sowers & Growers: 

​June 10 – 14 ABCs of Farming
We will kick start our summer with fun activities that teach agriculture, botany and the importance of Community and Stewardship in farming.  Farming activities will take place in the garden, market stand and during a field trip to Rising Locust Farm. Our artistic project will bring botany to life. Campers will learn to play the “sowing” game of mancala as they dig a large earthen game board in the garden and make their own game board from egg cartons. 

Curriculum Notes: 

Mancala, believed to have originated in the 7th century, is a strategic board game played with small stone, beans, or seeds and rows of holes in the earth or on a board.  
Rising Locust Farm is a 40-acre farm located in Manheim. During our tour we will help with a small project as we learn from their farmers how they incorporate permaculture practices to grow nourishing food, while respecting the environment and improving the soil. http://www.risinglocustfarm.com/

June 17-21 Berry Pi 

This session will be filled with STEM activities, and our farming activities will illustrate the effect soil health and climate have on food production.  Campers will learn to use a weather station to collect and track climate data.  The “fun-damentals” of pi will be explored through several artistic projects.  Special guest speaker Monica Pape will teach us to be soil scientists, and our dirt-to-dinner snack will be “berry” sweet as we use a bike powered blender to make a frozen treat. 

Families are invited to join us for Fun Night on Friday, June 21st.  

Curriculum Note: Monica Pape works with farmers across the country, (including our farmers), to create soil management plans that produce higher yields, save money and utilize environmentally responsible practices. During her presentation, Monica will make soil fun as campers learn about agronomy ~ the universal language that is spoken between the soil and a plant! https://www.theaccidentalagronomist.com/   

June 24-28 June 24 – 28 Moozzarella and More!
This session our agriculture studies will take us to Tui Holsteins, Manheim, as we learn about their dairy operations and how to care for these large ruminant animals.  On our farm, campers will help bottle feed the calves, and learn to make mozzarella cheese with guest Chef Vicki Van Sickle. Our science activity will be to conduct an epic milk experiment and use photography to capture the results.  Making homemade pizza will be one of our afternoon snacks.    

Curriculum Note: Tui Holstein is located in Manheim and is a robotic dairy farm operated by the Hoffman family.  Their family generously supports our farm-based education program by loaning us baby calves and pigs each season.  They also farm a small portion of our facility with rye that is used to produce hay for their dairy operation, straw for bedding on their farm and mulch on our farm. 

We were introduced to Chef Vicki Vansickle when she was food manager at Hands Across the Street, now working in food service at Millersville University, Vicki is excited to share her passion of culinary skills with our campers this session.    

July 1-3 Wet and Water (3 day session – Monday – Wednesday)  
During this session we will focus on the vital resource of water and the environmental impact of pollution.  Our “In the field” discussion will include the use of irrigation and rain water harvesting.  The “bulkhead” of our learning will be taught by the staff at Shank’s Mare as we explore the Susquehanna River in kayaks and learn about the river’s habitat, ecology and history. Cool afternoon snacks and water games will help us beat the heat during this three-day session.    $150.00/Session includes kayaking field trip 

Curriculum Note: Shank’s Mare Outdoor Education Center offers padding tours and recreational opportunities of the Susquehanna River area. Their programs teach about the history, natural resources, and environmental importance of the Susquehanna River Valley and the Chesapeake Bay. 

​There is no camp on July 4 & 5 

July 8-12  July 8 – 12 Blooming Ideas
This week, taking a concept and bringing it to life will be our focus as our old teen leadership participants present and launch their special interest projects. For the duration of the week we will work in small groups on these projects.  On Friday afternoon, each group will give a short presentation about their project, progress, skills learned and future goals. Parents are invited to join us for these presentations.  Raven Ridge Wildlife Center will be a guest presenter this session.  
Curriculum Notes: 

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, located in Washington Boro, provides wildlife rehabilitation services to native birds and mammals.  During their engaging presentation they will share about what it is like to be an animal rehabilitator and introduce us to variety of education animals.   https://ravenridgewildlifecenter.org/

The Special Interest Projects must meet at least of one of these criteria ~ good for the environment, good for the farm and/or good for the community. This is the pilot year for this idea and we look forward to seeing what hands-on learning opportunities our Teen Leadership participants will help facilitate for our campers.     

July 15-19 Animal Illustrator
This week, our study of animals will have an artistic focus as campers learn the art of illustration!  Artist Steven Kernen will teach the step-by-step process of illustrating a story from beginning sketches, to storyboarding, to the finished artwork. A short script centered on the farm and its animals will be provided. Throughout the week campers will learn different illustration styles, sketch farm animals to study their anatomy, and further develop their story-line.  After the session is completed, Steven will scan the artwork, add the script, and the finished project will be distributed/mailed to each camper before the end of the summer. 

Curriculum Note:  Steven Kernen is the talented artist that illustrated the Farm Camp logo that is printed on the back of our t-shirts. Additional information about his artwork can be found at:  http://drfixitquick.com/skillustration/index.html

July 22-26  Wool, Warp and Weft
Working with yarn and wool will be our focus this week as Artisan and Guest Teacher Sarah Ulrich leads our theme. Among the many farm & fiber-based activities campers will weave a small tapestry project and learn the art of needle felting. Fibers produced on our farm will be used to craft our woolly projects. Perhaps if the timing is right we might be able to weave garlic braids as part of our farming activities.  

Curriculum Note:  Sarah Ulrich is the owner of Handwork House ~ a fiber art school located in Lancaster.  Sarah teaches a variety of traditional handwork techniques.  https://www.handworkhouse.com/

July 26-27 Bond-Fire Summer Sleepover 

Friday, July 26th we will be offering an overnight for campers ages 10-13.  “Bond-fire Overnight Camps” are a wonder-filled way for your children to experience farm life more fully. The evening will include campfires, evening animal chores, tenting, capture the flag, and so much “s’more!”   Cost: $50 per camper. You do not need to be enrolled in the weekly camp session to participate. Use Country Kids or Sowers & Growers registration forms for this event.  

July 29-August 2 Mystery & Scavenger Hunt
This session, our activities will give campers an opportunity to participate in the organization of our Family Fun Night.  They can choose which project that want to work on ~ a “whodunit” mystery or a Scavenger Egg Hunt!  Our “whodunit” is a plot driven story with a farm-camp spin in which the audience will be given the opportunity to solve the mystery of “who dyed Rapunzel’s golden locks green?”. The Scavenger Egg Hunt will be planned as part of the younger camper’s activities this week, but then recreated for the parents.  Artistically, campers will create jump ropes from re-purposed t-shirts to be used as Rapunzel’s locks. Families are invited to join us for Fun Night on Friday, August 2.   

August 5-9 Roots, Berries, Bark and Leaves
Sarah Ulrich will be returning as guest teacher for another session that will focus on natural plant dyes.  Using a variety of parts of plants found in our Dye Garden and throughout the farm, campers will learn about the basics of preparing, dyeing and caring for plant dyed yarns and fabrics.  The dyed fibers will be used to create a wonderful woolly project that is unique as me and ewe!

Curriculum Note:  Sarah Ulrich founded Handwork House in August 2017 as a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to explore Fiber Art and learn to use fibers and textiles to make beautiful pieces of art or functional apparel.   

August 12-16  STEM on the Farm
This session, campers will explore the six simple machines and how we use these machines in various ways on the farm. Campers will help dig potatoes in the field and see physics come to life through the potato cannon demonstration. Artistically, we will create mandala artwork using vegetables and capture the artistry with photography. Additionally, we will explore the engineering design concepts used in a Rube Goldberg Project that waters a plant! 

Curriculum Note:  What is a Rube Goldberg Project?  
A Rube Goldberg machine is designed with the intention of performing a simple task in an complex fashion.  The children’s game Mouse Trap is a popular example of a Rube Goldberg machine.   

August 19-23 Preserving the Harvest
During our final summer session, we will work on a food-related community service project. Our dirt-to-dinner activities will include harvesting in the farm field and learning the science of preservation. Campers will dehydrate herbs to make tea bags and have a salsa making party.  Our Stem project will be to build a simple motor using magnets and a battery.  

Fine Arts Guest Teacher Patti Van Brederode will be providing creative activities for our campers throughout the summer.  Patti is an Artist and Arts Educator.  She is also the 4-H Program Assistant for Lancaster County.  She is excited to combine her passion for arts with her enthusiasm for agriculture while teaching this farm-based art session at camp this summer.  https://extension.psu.edu/programs/4-h/counties/lancaster  

Our summer camp program will offer 11 themed weeks for campers ages 10-13.  Sessions for campers ages 10-13 operate Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Before and after care (7:30 – 8:30 am and 3:30 – 6 pm) is available at an additional cost.  Please see our Barnyard Bunch Program   for more details regarding before and after care.  

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) for 7 weeks or more during the 2019 season, please see our HCFC Country Kids Program  for program details and discounted rates.  

Through the balance of outdoor activities and work on the farm, we will engage the head, heart and hands of our Sowers & Growers campers ages 10-13.  Cultivating willpower and instilling the wisdom to work together are at the heart of the program for this group.  Hands-on activities will teach a variety of life skills and traditional arts.  Our socially responsible and environmentally friendly lessons, based on our weekly themes, illustrate how individual actions can make a difference in our world. Campers will work hand-in-hand on the land and learn to encourage one another through the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. 

Our summer camp offers programs for four age groups:  ages 3-5 1/2, ages 5 & 6, ages 7-9 and ages 10-13. Our daily schedules are designed to support the developmental needs of the growing child from early childhood through early adolescence. We believe our multi-age camps provide the habitat for children to grow, develop a more enriching sense of community, instill the virtue of compassion,  and serve the needs of all of our campers regardless of age and skill level.  

Our summer programs Little Seeds (Ages 3-5 1/2), Farm & Forest Friends (Ages 7-9) and Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) operate independently within our camp facility.  The age groups have different rotating activities to focus on age-appropriate skills and educational learning opportunities. Campers ages 7-13 can intermingle during meals and free play time and will be together for special presentations and activities. 

The 2019 Sowers and Growers Program has expanded to include several new components to improve, and further diversify your child’s camp experience. Many of the sessions incorporate more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities that will complement our agricultural curriculum.  Our weather station will teach a bit of technology but typically technology, including devices, is not a part of our curriculum.  Additionally, the afternoon “free-play” period will now have an optional activity offered each day that will add more structure for those campers who choose to participate. Late Day activities will include Afternoon Cooperative and Voice & Choice that will allow our campers and teen leaders to work in small groups with members of our staff.  Our farming curriculum will be more comprehensive as we incorporate a wider variety of hands-on learning opportunities.  As part of the farm learning our older Teen Leaders will be doing Special Interest Projects this summer and the Sowers & Growers campers will be helping with these projects.  See weekly themes for more details.  ​The Sowers & Growers program is now designed for a slightly older age group this year - ages 10-13.  This allows us to offer a curriculum that will delve more deeply into the rich curriculum here on the farm.  

Although 13 year olds can be accepted into our Teen Leadership Program some young teens are not ready to take on this responsibility, particularly at the beginning of the summer.  See our Teen Leadership Program for more details.  Please have a conversation with your 13 year old before deciding which program would best serve them.  Some 13 years old will benefit from spending more time as a camper before applying for acceptance into our Teen Leadership Program.     

Summer Camp Program for ages 10-12 

Sowers and Growers Schedule (Ages 10-13)
8:30-9:00 am                    Flexible drop off 
9:15-9:30 am                    Morning Meeting, team building game
9:30 - 10:30 am                First Activity
10:30 - 11:30 am              Lunchbox snack and free play
11:30 am - 12:30 pm        Second activity
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm          Snunch
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm            Free Play, Afternoon Collaborative, Voice & Choice Activities, Epic Group Games (EGGs)

2:45 pm - 3:00 pm            Afternoon Snack 

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm            Cleanup and Closing Circle

2019 Date & Themes for Sowers & Growers



Sowers & Growers (Ages 10-13) Program Costs 
Heritage Creek Farm Camp is passionate about offering a camp experience to as many students as possible.  Our Sliding Price Scale and Taproot Scholarship Program are how we make this achievable  We ask that families pay at the highest level that is comfortable for your budget.  

SHARE THE HARVEST ($265 per weekly session) ~ sustains our program and helps our camp grow
NOURISH THE CROP ($240 per weekly session) ~ gives us the nutrients to blossom
SOW THE SEED ($215 per weekly session) ~ helps plant the seeds of community
Includes one snack per day 

A $85.00 deposit/camper/session is required at time of registration.  Remaining Balance (based upon your sliding price scale selection) is due in full by May 1, 2019.  If you are registering for multiple sessions and this causes a financial challenge, please contact our office at info@heritagecreekfarmcamp.com to discuss other possible payment arrangements.  See Policy and Procedures for more details. 

If your family is unable to pay at the SOW THE SEED rate, please see details for our TAPROOT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which allows families to volunteer time on the farm in exchange for a reduction in session fees. Funding in this program is limited.  Although we will make every effort to make an experience at Farm Camp possible for all children, we may not be able to accommodate all requests, particularly if registering for multiple sessions, or for multiple campers.  

The shortened week of July 1st is a three day session and will be pro-rated to $150/camper which includes the field trip fees to Shank's Mare.  This session must be paid at time of registration.  There is no camp on July 4th & 5th.  

Sowers & Growers Program