Dakota Lehman 

Teacher (Ages 9-12)

Kim Klein 

Children's Garden Farmer

Farm Educator 

Heritage Creek Farm Camp and Education Center was co-founded by Cindi Hughes and Rochelle Hildreth on November 8, 2011.

HCFC Educational Center....."Always Learning...Learning All Ways"
Heritage Creek Farm is a community of learners that believe that education is meant to be a life long journey, filled with experiences, that provide meaningful opportunities for growth and personal development.

Our Activities and Workshops Promote:
Social awareness and a sense of community, self-sufficiency and sustainability, healthy and simplistic lifestyle, living in harmony with nature, sound practices for the responsible use of the environment and its resources, organic gardening and conservation, sustainable food production, inner growth and reflection, handcrafted trades and techniques from natural items, and art, music and drama.  

Heritage Creek is a family farm owned by Ed and Cindi Hughes.  They reside on the 30 acre homestead located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. They purchased the first parcel of the facility in 2002 and gradually transitioned the property into a farm camp and education center.  They raised their children, Victoria and Chandler, in this beautiful, rural setting.  

Chandler Hughes 

STEM & Games Teacher

Jackie Randazzo

Lead Teacher - (Ages 3-5 1/2) 

Heritage Creek Farm Camp is an educational initiative that encourages a healthy lifestyle, models socially responsible ways to positively impact today's society, and teaches environmental stewardship.  Inspired by the wonders of nature and the joys of discovery, our camp offers opportunities for outdoor play and exploration.  Our programs spark conversation and kindle inner growth.

We encourage a life long "yearning for learning" and teach a simplistic and cooperative way of living.  We are motivated by a desire to form meaningful relationship with each other, build bridges of collaboration with our local community, and continue a deep connection with nature.

Kate Loudermilk 

Lead Teacher - (Ages 3-5 1/2 Little Seeds 

Patti Van Brederode 

​Fine Art Teacher 

Erin Darby

Administrative Asst.

JC Program Coordinator


Victoria Hughes 

Admin. Asst.

Teacher (Ages 9-12)

​Teacher (Ages 5 1/2 -8)

Kerry Clements 

​Lead Teacher (Ages 3-5 1/2)

Children's Garden: From Dirt-to-Dinner......."Growing Friends-Friends Growing"
Heritage Creek Childrens' Garden is an Outdoor Eco-Classroom that is designed for children to explore, observe, and discover nature. Farming and building projects are hands-on; designed to enhance elementary educational curriculum.  Heritage Creek Farm Camp's garden areas are seamlessly blended with the surrounding landscape to provide a diverse habitat for nature- domestic and wild.  

Children plant the seeds in the greenhouse, share the harvest, and develop an understanding for plants and animals; learning to respect and protect our natural resources.  They acquire an appreciation for food origin, learn about healthy dietary habits and are inspired as they work hand-in-hand on the land!


Subject Teachers 

John Arndt

Market Garden Farmer

Farm Educator 

​Siena Crist 

Teacher (Ages 5 1/2 -8)

Meet our Farm Camp Staff 

Annelisa Aubry-Walton 

Fiber Arts, Drama

​History, Creative Writing